The female figure has been the most sculpted subject throughout history. The figurative sculpture portrays the status of women, traditionally passive, modest, being acted upon more than acting, shy and retiring?

I portray today’s women based on the women of my life who are strong and projecting energy outward upon the world.

As an architect I know that our bodies provide the reference for our perception of form. The figure provides our reference to the stability and energetic flow of form. So, the forms of my sculpture additionally inform the creation of my architecture beyond the pleasure of creating the sculpture.


I am an established Architect of strong sculptural architectural forms as can be seen on my firm’s web page (

My figurative sculptural education began while studying architecture and life drawing at Georgia Tech followed by figurative sculpture instruction at the Detroit Art Institute. Sculptural form was strengthened through my Master of Architecture Degree from the School of Fine Arts of Carnegie Mellon University

My sculpture has seldom been available for display except at the Swan House of the Georgia Historical Society “Architects as Artists Exhibit” in 2012, and at The Southern Vermont Members Exhibit 2010 and on loan to the Museum 2011.

Michael Maynard Sizemore
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